Ok, so you want to jump solo and control your own parachute?


You can do that as a one-off jump or you can become a qualified and licensed skydiver.

Just complete the form below and we’ll get you up there!

For more info, see the Solo and AFF page here

AFF Single Jump and Full Course Course Booking Form
AFF stands for Accelerated Free Fall and gives you a chance to jump solo, controlling your own descent. You can either book for a single solo jump or for a complete course leading to a BPA qualification
accelerated free fall course student and instructors

Hi! The AFF jumps are just incredible, but to get you up there, we need some info please...

**PLEASE NOTE: This form is to book for a single solo jump or the full AFF course.
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If you'd rather we didn't occasionally send you fab competitions, great offers and other amazing skydive info, just tell us when we contact you to confirm your booking - we won't be upset! 😀