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Accelerated Free Fall Course

The Accelerated Free Fall skydiving course (AFF) is a fast-track programme that will take you from a complete beginner to a fully qualified skydiver. It’s divided into 8 levels and is aimed at people who are keen to make skydiving their new sport.

On your first jump you are accompanied by 2 instructors. You get to experience the thrill of free fall from 12,000 – 15,000 feet (depending on the centre and conditions on the day) before deploying your own parachute to navigate your way back to the ground SOLO!

If you decide to sign up for the AFF Full Course, in a mere 8 jumps you could be enjoying skydives on your own and be on your way to achieving your British Parachute Association (BPA) license.

What to expect:

The Training:

Training on Day 1 takes a minimum of 6 hours and includes the following skydiving lessons:

  • Familiarisation and Fitting of Parachute Equipment.
  • Aircraft Drills
  • How to leave the plane in a safe, stable body position.
  • In-air flight drills to be performed during the Level 1 Skydive
  • Controlling and landing your canopy.
  • Learning how to identify malfunctions and operate your reserve parachute.

The training will involve a mixture of theory and practical lessons, with a written test at the end of the course. You will be drilled by your instructor until jumping out of an aeroplane feels like second nature!

Depending on the time of the year and weather permitting, you will either make your first jump on the same day, or on day 2 after some revision skydiving lessons.

The Accelerated Free Fall Course Level 1 Skydive

  • You will board the plane with your 2 instructors ready for the climb to altitude of between 12,00 – 15,000 feet.
  • When it is safe to do so, you will exit the aircraft with your 2 instructors holding you in a stable position.
  • During the skydive your instructors will communicate with you via a series of hand signals and you will practice locating the toggle that deploys your parachute.
  • At 6,000 feet you will commence the deployment sequence under supervision of your instructors who ensure that you are under a canopy by the time you reach 5,000 feet.
  • It’s then up to you to navigate your canopy back to the landing area with the help of another instructor on the ground talking to you giving you some helpful pointers on your radio.
  • The canopy ride is about 5 minutes, so plenty of time for you to take in the bird’s-eye views as well as enjoying flying your canopy.
  • Once on the ground, you will receive feedback from your instructor and, depending on whether you have signed up for the Full AFF Course, you’ll get a briefing for your next skydive.

Points to note

Numbers – The skydiving lessons are held in groups with a student to instructor ratio no greater than 4 : 1.

Levels – The full AFF course generally consists of 8 levels, although there may be times when your instructors wish you to repeat levels for safety reasons.

Levels 1-3 are with 2 instructors who will coach you on stability, maintaining a good body position and heading, altitude awareness and deploying your parachute unassisted.

Levels 4 – 7 are where you learn to do 360° turns, back loops, tracking and track turns and dive exits.

Level 8 is from 5,000 feet and you are required to make a solo jump, deploying your parachute in a stable position within 10 seconds.

Licence – To gain your BPA Category A Licence, you will also need to complete a further 10 consolidation jumps. These are solo jumps which are not included in the total cost of the course.  These jumps cost £30 – £40 per jump depending on the centre.

Timeframe – The length of the AFF course depends on the weather and the time you can commit. Sometimes people will complete in less than a week or over a couple of weekends, whilst others choose to spread the jumps out over a couple of months.

One-off – There is also the option to just do an AFF Level 1 Skydive if you are wishing to skydive as a one-off and you want to experience both free fall and the solo canopy ride, with the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

Experience – No previous skydiving experience is required.

Age limits – The upper age limit is 54 and you can start as young as 16 years old. However please note, some centres apply their own local rules with regards to age.

Weight limits – There is a maximum weight limit which varies from centre to centre. Whilst you must be within the limit for your chosen centre, you also must not exceed the weight limit for your height as stated in the table on the BPA Form 115C.  Here’s a quick-reference weight chart. Please just ask if you’re unsure.

Medical forms – You will be required to present a signed BPA Medical Form prior to jumping i.e. Form 115C if you satisfy the requirements for self-declaration, or Form 115D if you need doctor’s approval.


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Get a head start or practice between levels

Why not practice your stable free fall position, and boost your confidence in a skydiving wind tunnel, either before or during your AFF course?

Tunnel flying has helped many AFF students to progress through each of the levels comfortably, reducing the need for jumps to be repeated.

Book here **LINK** or ask how tunnel time can help you pass your AFF course.

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